166th Polio and Corrective Surgery Camp

Thursday, 30 May, 2024

Mother's Day in Patna was marked by an extraordinary event that highlighted the spirit of compassion and dedication towards the differently abled community. The 166th Polio and Corrective Surgery Camp was held, bringing together medical professionals, social workers, and community leaders in a heartwarming display of service and commitment.

Dr Udaykant Mishra, Vice Chair of the Bihar Disaster Management Authority, graced the occasion as the chief guest. In his address, Dr Mishra lauded the hospital's efforts, calling it a beacon of hope and emphasizing that disability is a mental concept, not a curse. His words resonated with the theme of the day, focusing on breaking the stigma associated with disabilities.

Senior Advocate Mr. J.S. Arora, present as a special guest, expressed his deep admiration for the services provided at the camp. “I am overwhelmed by the dedication and service I have witnessed here,” he said. Dr Alok Abhijit echoed this sentiment, saying that the exceptional service is evident only upon visiting the camp.

Suresh Agrawal, inspired by the camp's work, pledged lifelong support to their noble cause. Similarly, Mr. Parasnath Rai, former Director General of Police, highlighted the unimaginable and profound impact of the services provided, underscoring the need for firsthand experience to genuinely appreciate them.

Dr S.S. Jha, a pivotal figure in the hospital and a champion of human welfare, likened the operation theater to a temple where patients are revered and cared for with utmost devotion. Under the leadership of Dr Jha, Dr Mithilesh, and Dr Umesh Kumar Chaudhary Suman, the camp successfully performed surgeries on 35 patients, provided prosthetic devices to 10 individuals, and conducted OPD check-ups for over 80 patients.

166th Polio and Corrective Surgery Camp

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This remarkable camp was dedicated to the memories of Punyashlok Muneshwar Agrawal, Punyashlok Naresh Chandra Jain, and Punyashlok Dr Narendra Prasad, with support from the Dedication Branch, Rotary Chanakya Pride. Pooja Kedia, President of Rotary Chanakya Pride, and Narayan Kheria announced the organization's commitment to sponsoring one surgery annually, furthering their support for this cause.

Deshbandhu Gupta, Chair of the hospital, provided a comprehensive overview of the hospital's activities, while Padmashri Bimal Jain, the hospital's Secretary, honoured the guests with shawls and mementos. Special recognitions were given to Dr Namrata Anand from Didiji Foundation, social worker Ashok Jain, and Rakesh Agrawal for their invaluable services. Additionally, Anoop Kasera and his wife were honoured on their 25th wedding anniversary.

The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by the hospital's Managing Trustee, Vivek Mathur, who emphasized the importance of continued support to achieve a disability-free Bihar. The program began with the patriotic song “Vande Mataram” and ended with the national anthem, instilling a sense of unity and purpose among all attendees.

Notable attendees included Amar Kasera, Rekha Kasera, B.N. Kapoor, Anoop Kasera, Nidhi Mathur, along with many individuals with disabilities and social workers. The next camp is scheduled for June 9, 2024, with patients needed to arrive on June 8, 2024.

This Mother's Day celebration was not just about honouring mothers but also about extending love and support to those in need, truly embodying the spirit of motherhood through acts of service and compassion.

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