Eye Care

As of June of 1995 The Sanjay Anand Charitable Foundation (SACF) collaborated with ICARE  to launch one of their first projects in India and is not only one of their Benefactors but Mr Sunil Anand is also one of their Trustees. Patients are brought from various villages approximately 20 to 25 miles away to the hospital for care. Patients undergo eye surgeries for the removal of cataract and Implantations of IOU lenses and are cared for and fed during their hospital stay. They are then discharged on day three and transported back to their homes. Follow-up appointments are made according to each individual case to ensure that all patients receive optimal care. The entire process is FREE of charge and our patients incur no costs. On average there are about 100 cataract surgeries per month. Till date, approximately 24,900 cataract surgeries have been carried out by ICARE on behalf of SACF.

SACF and the ICARE eye hospital once again in the year 2000 launched the ICARE Eye Bank (ICEB) in a joint effort. The ICEB is a registered eye bank under the Transplantation Human Organ Act of 1995, Government of India. ICEB has set standards of excellence in eye banking and is the model eye bank for northeastern Uttar Pradesh (India).