Empowering Lives: Free Prosthetic Limbs

Tuesday, 12 March, 2024

The Bharat Vikas Sanjay Anand Viklang Hospital, in collaboration with the Marwari Women's Committee of Ramgarh, is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of amputees. We are thrilled to announce the organization of a special camp in Ramgarh, India, where individuals with amputated arms and legs will have the opportunity to receive FREE prosthetic limbs.

This remarkable endeavour reflects our unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for those in need. The team from The Bharat Vikas Sanjay Anand Viklang Hospital will be travelling to Ramgarh with one mission in mind – to provide hope and restore mobility to the amputee community.

Amputees often face significant physical and emotional challenges, which can limit their ability to fully participate in everyday activities. By providing prosthetic limbs, we aim to empower individuals to regain their independence, foster their self-esteem, and reintegrate into society with confidence.

Your support can make a tremendous difference in this humanitarian effort. We invite you to join hands with The Sanjay Anand Charitable Foundation by donating today. Every contribution matters and has the power to transform lives. Together, let us build a future where everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has equal opportunities to lead fulfilling lives.

Remember, your contribution matters – not just to us, but to every individual who will receive the gift of mobility and a chance at a brighter future. Together, let us make a difference and build a world where compassion and equality reign supreme.

Empowering Lives: Free Prosthetic Limbs

Donate now and become a part of this compassionate movement that uplifts the lives of those in need. Your generosity will have a lasting impact, leaving a legacy of hope and empowerment. Together, we can change lives and create a world where no one is left behind.