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Imagine waking up every day without the ability to walk, run, or even stand on your own two feet. For many people living with limb loss, this is a harsh reality. They are unable to work, attend school, or even take care of themselves and their families. This is where The Bharat Vikas Sanjay Anand Viklang (Disabled) Hospital and Research Centre comes in.

The Bharat Vikas Sanjay Anand Viklang (Disabled) Hospital is dedicated to providing FREE Prosthetic Limbs to those in need. We believe that every person, regardless of their financial situation, deserves the chance to live their life to the fullest. With your help, we can make this happen.

Your donation, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in the life of someone living with limb loss. With your support, we can provide prosthetic limbs to children, veterans, and low-income individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford them.

By donating to The Sanjay Anand Charitable Foundation, you will be helping us to give the gift of mobility to those in need. With your support, we can help people walk, run, and play again. Please consider donating today and help us change the lives of those living with limb loss.