Making A Difference One Life At A Time

Monday, 12 February, 2024

A Beacon of Hope

Welcome to the Bharat Vikas Sanjay Anand Viklang Hospital, Patna, India – a beacon of hope for the differently abled. Our unique institution stands as a testament to the power of compassion and innovation in healthcare, going beyond treatment to truly transform lives.

Mission and Vision: Restoring Normalcy

At the core of our hospital's mission is the restoration of normalcy in the lives of the poor and needy. With a combination of specialized medical services, rehabilitative care, and innovative technology, we aim to empower individuals with disabilities, giving them a chance at a life filled with dignity and independence. Our unwavering vision is a disability-free Bihar, driving our dedicated team to achieve remarkable feats in the realm of medical and rehabilitative care.

Comprehensive Services for Transformative Care: Tailored to Your Needs

We offer an array of comprehensive services designed to address the unique needs of our patients. From prosthetics and orthotics to corrective surgeries and physiotherapy, each service is tailored to ensure the highest standards of care. Our state-of-the-art facilities, including a P&O department, an orthopaedic surgery unit, and a physiotherapy center, are equipped with the latest technologies, and operated by a team of highly skilled professionals.

Impact and Achievements: Transforming Lives

The impact of our work at the Bharat Vikas Sanjay Anand Viklang Hospital is profound. To date, we have provided care to 89,322 patients, donated 38,689 prosthetic limbs, conducted 9,701 polio and corrective surgeries, and donated 891 hearing aids. However, these numbers only scratch the surface of the true measure of our success – the smiles on the faces of those we have helped and the countless lives we have transformed.

Join Us on This Noble Journey: Creating a Future of Potential

The Bharat Vikas Sanjay Anand Viklang Hospital is more than just a facility; it is a community of hope, resilience, and transformation. Together, we can create a future where disabilities do not define one's abilities – a future where every individual has the opportunity to lead a life full of potential and promise.

Through meticulous renovation to meet German standards and incorporating innovative machines from Ottobock, we have embraced state-of-the-art technology and expanded our manufacturing processes. This has significantly improved our efficiency in providing top-notch treatment and care. Join us on this incredible journey as we strive to build a future where disabilities no longer limit the boundless potential of the human spirit.
Let us create a supportive environment where individuals with disabilities can thrive, achieve their dreams, and fulfil their aspirations.

Together, we can make a difference, one life at a time.

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Making A Difference One Life At A Time

To continue offering life-changing services, we depend on the generosity of donors. Your donations ensure that we can provide our services free of cost to those in need. By contributing, you become an integral part of a noble cause, bringing hope and healing to countless individuals. Join us in making a difference, one life at a time.